2016/17 OPEN 9-BALL RANKING #5


Brian White


Dave Boone


The first CSNS rankig event of 2017, # 5 overall for the season, welcomed 47 players to Dooly's Truro.  Players were treated to free pizza courtesy of our hosts, a very nice touch. Thank you to Sam MacIntyre and her staff .  Brian White was the man to beat on the day, defeating Dave Boone in the final 9-1.  Chess Harlow finished 3rd, followed by Dale Brimicombe in 4th.  Neil Van Rossum and Wayne Warner were the 5th-6th place finishers, with Mike Basque and Craig Teal placing 7th-8th.  The final money spots went to Chris Goodie, Bruce Lilly, Wek Augustine and Colin Maloney in a tie for 9th place.  Mitch Rutherford won the second chance event over Jeff Saulnier.  Ferrell Walker was third.