2016/17 OPEN 9-BALL RANKING #6


Nok Mantolino


Colin Maloney


Almon Billiards hosted 43 players for CSNS Open 9-Ball Ranking #6 on Saturday February 18.  Nok Mantolino was victorious in the final over Colin Maloney 9-7.  Jeff Saulnier placed third, with Bill MacPherson coming in fourth.  Wayne Thibodeau and Brian White shared 5th-6th place, followed by TJ Martin and Dick Barker in 7th-8th.  Wek Augustine, Rocky Johnson, Bruce Lilly and Craig Teal rounded out the money positions in 9th-12th.  In the Second Chance event Leigh Ann Giles was the winner over Dale Brimicombe in the final.  Steve Hipson finished third.  With only 2 ranking events remaining, the race for National 9-Ball Spots is flushing out.  MacPherson, B.White and Maloney currently hold the 3 Open 9-Ball spots.  Teal, Thibodeau and Bill Martin are the top point getters in the Amateur 9-Ball race.