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Kyle Richard Drops Richard Young To Win CSNS Ranking #6 In Port Hawksbury

Kyle Richard got the best of a field of 41 players, stopping Richard Young 9-7 in the final, staking top spot at CSNS Ranking #6 at Dooly's in Port Hawksbury. Showing keen focus, Kyle went undefeated on the day, decidedly dropping Blair Boudreau, Bill Campbell, Terry MacInnis, Wek Augustine and Craig Teal on route to the final, with only one opponent gaining more than 3 games against him. "Buddy" Young grinded out his own path after losing his second match to Augustine, then reeling off 7 straight wins to reach the final.

Craig Teal was 3rd, followed by Neil Van Rossum in 4th. Wekatesk Augustine and Chess Harlow shared 5th place. Joel Morris and Terry MacInnis placed 7th/8th. It was CSNS's first time holding an event in Port Hawksbury. Many thanks to Melanie Perks and her staff. The hall has an immaculate, welcoming setup, and by all accounts players loved the conditions for the 9-ball event, Overall the drive to the location was a hit among mainlanders and islanders as being relatively central. Lots of local players took part as well, which is always great to see. There are two Ranking events left in the season, Dooly's Rockingham on Feb 22, and Dooly's Sydney on March 28. Hope to see you there.

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