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MacPherson Pockets A Grand in 10-Ball Break Contest Run.

The CSNS 10-Ball Break Contest pot had reached $1000 at Ranking Event #2 at Dooly's Portland on Oct 5. The pot is being capped at $1000 per attempt this season, with any extra funds built up staying in the pot to kick start the next contest. The contest is the major fund raising feature for Cue Sports Nova Scotia, seeing half of ticket sales going to the organization and the other half of ticket sales increasing the contest pot fund. The individual who has their raffle ticket drawn gets the chance to break and run at 10-Ball (or have someone else attempt to break and run on their behalf). If at least one ball is made legally on the break, the contestant keeps shooting the balls in numerical order until failing to legally pocket a ball. Each ball is worth 10% of the pot. Making all ten balls earns the player the entire pot.

CSNS President Bill MacPherson had his ticket drawn on the day for a chance at $100 per ball. MacPherson managed to pocket the 2-Ball on the break, giving himself a shot on the 1-ball, and a well spread out table to attempt his conquest. Shape from the 1-Ball to the 3-ball was the step that represented the most concern, but this was navigated skillfully by MacPherson, and executed to perfection to leave himself a good shot on the 4-ball. Bill calmly ran out all the remaining balls for a cool grand in hand! The next 10-Ball break contest will start with $120 in the pot + half the ticket sales at CSNS Rankling event #3, being held in Sydney.

Click to watch video of Bill MacPherson running out the 10-Ball Break Contest for $1000.


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