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The entry fee paid by each player will determined by a players Fargo Rating.  Fargo Rating is an objective rating applied to players based on their actual performance in relation to the competition they face.

More information regarding Fargo Rating can be found at

Fargo Ratings will only determine the entry fees to be paid by a player.  Matches at ranking events and provincials will not be handicapped.  Players will race to the same number of games as their opponent, regardless their Fargo Rating.

Entry Fee Ranges –

629 and above                    $60 + $5 Green Fee

575-624                               $50 + $5 Green Fee

525-574                               $40 + $5 Green Fee

425-524                               $30 + $5 Green Fee

424 and below                    $20 + $5 Green Fee

*Entry to Provincial Championship events are normally an additional $10-$20 for the top tier levels. 


Current Fargo Ratings for a player can be searched for at

Fargo ratings are based on overall game results that are input into Fargo rating system.

Data for games won and lost from all CSNS events from 2015 to present, plus all major events played within Atlantic Canada involving Nova Scotia players, including all Atlantic 9-Ball Tour events, have been input into the Fargo Rating database, giving Nova Scotia one of the largest bodies of data of any province in Canada.

Players with a rating based on 200 or more games are considered "robust", which means that the stability of their rating has reached a point that their rating will not severely fluctuate with the influence of a small subset of added games, for instance the addition of 10-15 games that represent a typical match.

Players that do not a have a robust rating (at least 200 games recorded in Fargo) can be subject to an arbitrary rating at each event, as deemed appropriate by the tournament director, whom can consider the input of other CSNS directors or classification committee members, and/or influence by what data is known for the player at the time in the Fargo Rating system.


Once a player reaches robustness of 200 or more games, their Fargo Rating at that time will dictate their entry fee for all events.


Eligibility to participate in Amateur Provincials and/or Amateur Nationals, the determination of whether or a not a player is considered Amateur or not, will also rely on a formula of accomplishment in past Major Events and/or Fargo rating.  This formula will be determined by the Classification committee.  A list of players not eligible for Amateur competitions, and the criteria for this list, will be posted here.


629 Fargo and above, or

Major Winner in last 3 years, or

2 or more Major Wins in playing career.




 - Two or more Major Titles in career:

Rick Leon

Colin Maloney

Greg Wilson

Bill MacPherson 

Chris Penney

Richard Young

Brian White

Clayton Dennis 

Colin MacDonald

Pat Briand

Bruce Lilly

Dave Boone

Peter Thompson

Dick Barker

Brad Doyle

Nok Mantolino

  - Most recent major event won in last 3 years is listed.

Guy Tremblay  - 2022 MPL 2PT Tournament

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