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CSNS Provincial Championships - Pool


  • CSNS will host Provincial Championships for Open 8-Ball, Open 9-Ball, Open 10-Ball, Amateur 8-Ball, Amateur 9-Ball, and Amateur 10-Ball.  If there is enough interest shown prior to the date, there will be a separate Women’s division for each of these Championships.

  •  Provincial Championships in 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball, both Open and Amateur, including Women's division, will be   open to any NS player (born or residing in Nova Scotia for at least 60 days), regardless of prior participation in Ranking Events.

  • To participate in a Provincial Championship, a player must be a current member of CSNS, or purchase a membership at the event.

  • Provincial Championships will be double knockout format, with one set final.  Provincial Championships will be scheduled over two days.

  • In 9-Ball, the three point break rule will be in effect, meaning a combination of three balls must be made or driven past the head string to be a leagl break.  See WPA three point break rule here

  • Each Provincial Championship will qualify the winner for direct entry to the CBSA National Championship (of the same discipline). 


  • Funding to cover the entry fee to the CBSA Nationals, and potentially any travel allowance monies for the Champion, shall come from the entry fees collected for that Provincial Championship event, and/or from any sponsorship money obtained for the event.

  • If there are no enough entrants to the Provincial Championship event to cover the cost of entry fee to CBSA Nationals, then the winner may be responsible to cover all or part of the National entry fee themselves.  

  • If a paid entry spot to CBSA Nationals is required to be re-allocated because it is vacated by the Provincial winner, then the spot will be re-allocated according to the next standing player from the final placing of that Provincial Championship event.  Any travel expense money is also re-allocated to the next standing player, 

  • If enough interest can be demonstrated, CSNS will strive to host a Provincial Junior 9-Ball Championship,  



CBSA National Championships - Pool


  • To participate in CBSA National Championships NS players must be a current member of CSNS, who has qualified for CBSA Nationals by winning a CSNS sanctioned qualifier event, or who is endorsed by CSNS to compete at CBSA Nationals.

  • Players who have not qualified for CBSA Nationals by winning a CSNS sanctioned qualifier event, may be endorsed by CSNS to purchase an entry to CBSA Nationals through CSNS, so long as CSNS or CBSA has the spots available to purchase.  

  • To be endorsed by CSNS to purchase a spot to CBSA Nationals in any discipline (8-Ball, 9-Ball or 10-Ball), a player must have participated in at least 2 CSNS Ranking Events.  A CSNS Ranking Event of any pool discipline counts toward the 2 event requirement.

  • Cue Sports Nova Scotia may waive the 2 Ranking Event requirement to purchase a spot to CBSA Nationals when CBSA Nationals are hosted in Nova Scotia.  Players must be a current CSNS member or purchase a membership.   

  • Players who have qualified to represent NS at this season's CBSA National Championships may purchase an entry to another CBSA National discipline, if they so wish, so long as CSNS or CBSA has spots available to purchase.  There is no requirement for a NS representative, who has already qualified for CBSA Nationals, to have participated in a minimum number of prior Ranking Events in order to purchase another CBSA National spot.

  • Direct Qualifiers to CBSA National Championships may be hosted by CSNS.  Direct Qualifiers in 8-Ball, 9-Ball and 10-Ball will be available to any player to participate in, regardless of prior participation in Ranking Events, as long as they are a current CSNS member or purchase a membership.  Winners of Direct Qualifiers will earn a spot to CBSA Nationals.

  • Funding of Entry Fees to CBSA Nationals, and any travel allowances associated with CBSA National spots, is at the discretion of the CSNS Executive, based on available funds collected by the association.  Players may be responsible for some or all of the costs associated with participating in Nationals.

  • Travel allowance, if awarded, will only be paid once player is on site at the CBSA event.

  • An awarded spot is still owned by the association, meaning, given just cause, the spot can be revoked or reassigned by the association.  This spot would then be allocated by CSNS executive.

  • Players may not sell or barter the spot.

  • If awarded a National spot via Cue Sports Nova Scotia, players must confirm their entry to CBSA Nationals with the CSNS Executive at least one week prior to the CBSA event.  If a player fails to show for a CBSA event after confirmation, without notification to the CSNS Executive, then that player may be expected to refund the association the cost of entry, and/or face suspension from further CSNS sanctioned events, in addition to any other penalties deemed appropriate by the CSNS Executive.

Visit CBSA website for more info regarding Nationals

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