Ranking Point System

  • A Ranking Points list will be maintained representing the total points each member has earned from participation in the main draw of Ranking events.


  • All players, regardless of classification or rating, will be maintained on one list.


  • Points based on order of finish in Ranking events will be awarded as follows:

100 pts - 1st

90 pts - 2nd

80 pts - 3rd

70 pts - 4th

60 pts - 5th-6th

50 pts - 7th-8th

40 pts - 9th-12th

30 pts - 13th-16th

20 pts - 17th-24th

15 pts - 25th-32nd

10 pts - 33rd-48th

5 pts - 49th-end

  • No bonus points will be awarded for participation in Ranking events.


  • At the conclusion of the last Ranking event, the top 2 overall players, regardless of classification, earn paid entry and travel expense allowance to CBSA Open Nationals in the discipline of their choice (8-Ball, 9-Ball, or 10-Ball).  The top 2 Amateur players earn paid entry and travel expense allowance to CBSA Amateur Nationals in the discipline of their choice (8-Ball, 9-Ball or 10-Ball).  CBSA entry and travel allowance packages worth $1,000 (based on raising enough funds with an average ranking event participation of 32 entries)

  • If an Amateur player finishes as one of the top 2 overall players, they may choose from paid entry to CBSA Nationals, or CBSA Amateur Nationals, but they may not claim both.  The remaining spot will be re-allocated according to the next qualifying player on the Ranking Points list. (* if both Amateur spots are already claimed, this option is no longer available to an Amateur being awarded an Open spot.  The player must then either accept the Open spot, or pass, which means the Open spot will be re-allocated to the next qualifying player)

  • At the conclusion of the 7th Ranking event, the top 8 women in the point standings will be qualified for a Playdown event, to be held in conjunction with Ranking event 8.  The Playdown format will be 7th vs 8th, winner then plays 6th, and so on, such that whomever is 1st place among women in the rankings need only play in the final match.  The winner of the Playdown event will earn paid entry to CBSA Women's Open Nationals in the discipline of their choice.  Travel allowance amount will be determined by a pro-rated calculation based on the overall participation of women in CSNS ranking events.  To participate in the Playdown, a women must have participated in at least 2 Ranking events/

  • To earn paid entry to CBSA Nationals via the Rankings Point list, players must have played in at least 2 Ranking events.