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Awesome Auggie

CSNS 9-Ball Ranking #8 was held at the brand new “The Rack - Bar and Billiards” in New Glasgow on April 1st. A beautiful sunny day brought in 38 players to vie for the final ranking title of the 2016/2017 season. Cape Breton duo Billy MacPherson and Andrew Simon found successful routes to the A side final. MacPherson, hoping for his second title of the season, weaved his way past Alan Perks, William Holmes, Leigh Ann Giles and Wek Augustine. Simon, looking for his third title, had victories over Peter Bordon, Leon Sylliboy, Neil Van Rossum and Nick Kaiser. The A side final fell to MacPherson’s favor after a missed 8 ball by Simon, victorious by 8-7. On the B-Side, Colin Maloney was tossed to the B side early but was then successful against Kristin Mattatall, Terrance Sylliboy and Van Rossum before his bid was ended at 7-8th against John Rushton. Doug Brown also faltered early but with wins against John Baker, Christian Coffey, and Hugh MacEachern he clawed his way to 7-8th, Brown’s day ended with a loss to Justin D’Eon. Rushton and D’Eon lost their next matches to Augustine and Kaiser, respectively, to finish 5-6th. 4th place was reserved for Kaiser as Augustine was just warming up. Awesome Auggie then went on to top Simon in the next match by 6-3 and then onto steal his first CSNS title ever with a convincing victory of 8-3 over MacPherson. Shauna Boyle won the the Second Chance event over Ben Johnson.

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