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Kemp and Yeo Collect 2017 Amateur 9-Ball Titles

The final event of the CSNS 2016-17 calendar was held Saturday April 22. Men's and Women's divisions were contested at Almon Billiards to determine the respective 2017 Amateur 9-Ball Champions.

2017 Amateur 9-Ball Finalists

(l) Chris Kemp - Champion, (r) Craig Teal - Runner-up

28 Men entered the race. The later rounds on the winners side determined one finalist. Chess Harlow stunned Brian Bedford 9-3, while Chris Kemp capitalized 9-7 over Craig Teal. Kemp went on to take down Harlow 9-5, becoming the first finalist.

On the B-Side, in the money rounds, TJ Martin edged Randy Demont 7-6, and Wayne Thibodeau got the upper hand on Jeff Saulnier 7-4, leaving Demont and Saulnier tied in 7th spot. The subsequent matches saw Teal beat Martin 7-3, and Thibodeau victorious over Bedford 7-4. Martin and Bedford shared 5th spot. Teal then had a positive 7-6 result over Thibodeau, placing Thibodeau 4th. Teal was also successful over Harlow 7-5, earning Teal the second spot in the final, and leaving Harlow in 3rd.

The final match was dominated by Chris Kemp, jumping out to a 4-0 lead, and increasing that margin to 8-2 and 10-3, before eventually closing out Teal 11-6. Kemp earned his first Provincial title with solid, consistent play all day, capturing the title undefeated. Congrats to Chris, who also earns paid entry to the 2017 Amateur 9-Ball Championships in Thetford Mines, Quebec in May.

2017 Women's Amateur 9-Ball Champion Christa Yeo

In the Women's Division, 6 ladies gave chase. Christa Yeo claimed the first spot in the final, going through the winners side of the chart. On the B-side, Shauna Boyle sent Lynne Palmer out in 4th place with a 7-4 win. Boyle was then on the wrong side of a 7-6 result against Leigh Ann Giles, Boyle settling for 3rd place. The final match was dominated by Yeo 9-1 over Giles. It was Yeo's first Amateur Women's Provincial title.

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