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Cote, MacLeod, and Doyle Compete For National Snooker Title

Jacques Cote

The Corner Bank in Scarborough, ON played host to the CBSA National Snooker Championships, held May 10-14. The Corner Bank is one of the premier billiards clubs in the greater Toronto area, and in particular, is a snooker haven, sporting 8 Shender Snooker tables, set in a contemporary and spacious environment.

Nova Scotia was represented in the single knockout Championship by 3 of our finest Snooker players.

The best finish among them went to Jacques Cote, who placed in a tie for 9th. Cote had wins over Presley Bacchus of Ontario (4-1), and Song Chen of British Columbia (4-2). Cote was then eliminated by Andre Roy of Quebec (2-5).

Kristal “Cookie” MacLeod beat Alex Zhang of Quebec (4-2), then dropped his next match to Gerard Morrison of Ontario (2-4). MacLeod finished tied for 16th.

Brad Doyle lost his opening round match to Daniel Chabot of Quebec (1-4), placing in a tie for 33rd.

The Championship was won by John White of Ontario over Fern Loyer of Ontario.

The complete bracket can be found here

Cookie MacLeod went on to compete in the double knockout National Senior Snooker Championships, also held at the Corner Bank, from May 19-21st.

MacLeod won his first match (3-2) over David Puddy of Ontario, then lost his second round match (2-3) to Steve Young of Ontario. On the B-Side, MacLeod defeated Lacey Dalton, Ontario (3-1), and then Brian Melville, ON (3-0). MacLeod would finally bow out in 9th place, losing to Paul Flemming, ON (1-3).

The Senior Snooker Championship was won by Floyd Ziegler, ON over Fern Loyer, ON.

For Senior Snooker tournament bracket, click here

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