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MacEachern Earns Top Honors At First CSNS Snooker Event of 2017-18

Hugh MacEachern willed his way to an impressive first place in the Open Division of the first CSNS Snooker event of the season. MacEachern, a AAA ranked snooker player, had a string of successive 3-2 match wins, toppling Jeff Gillin in the preliminary round, Dave Boudreau (Open class) in the semi-finals, and Bill Martin (Open class) in the final.

The event was played at the Century Snooker Club in New Glasgow. 10 players were on hand to participate in the Open Division. Behind MacEachern (1st) and Martin (2nd), were Boudreau and Dave Boone finishing as semi finalists.

In the AAA Division, 7 of 10 players were eligible to partake. Dale Brimicombe was the eventual winner over Jeff Gillin. John Rushton and Hugh MacEachern were semi-finalists.

Snooker events took a hiatus for most of last season. Thank you to Dale Brimicombe and Bill Martin for their efforts, yet again, to keep Snooker alive and well this year. Hopefully soon their will be another club in Metro with enough Snooker tables to host events in some staggered form alongside New Glasgow. That should drive both old and new blood back in the tournaments.

Tournament Charts and Standings after 1 event can be found below:

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