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Simon Storms Through Sydney At Pool Ranking #2

Dooly's Sydney hosted the second CSNS Ranking tournament of 2017/18. 9-Ball was the game for this event. 26 players took part in the double knockout format.

Bruce Lilly outlasted all other players on the A side as the lone man standing undefeated. Bruce had wins over Neil Van Rossum, Adam Sheppard, Carl Sampson, Andrew Simon, and Brian Bedford. The second finalist was Andrew Simon, who had victories over Landon Paul, Craig Teal and Mike Basque before being sent to the B-Side by Lilly. Simon recovered to score wins over Ryan Kendall, Carl Sampson, and Brian Bedford. The final match went all Simon's way, topping Lilly 9-2.

The 10-Ball break contest had its pot swell to $1200, meaning $120 per ball was on the line. Neil Van Rossum had his ticket drawn and elected to attempt to break and run for himself. With a solid break he managed to drop one ball, and left himself a long opening pot on the 1-Ball. Unfortunately Neil could not capitalize, but still took home $120 for the effort. The next CSNS Ranking event will be held in Truro on Nov 18. The 10-Ball Break contest should be upwards of $1400 in the pot!

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In The Money

1st Andrew Simon $275

2nd Bruce Lilly $215

3rd Brian Bedford $155

4th Carl Sampson $100

5th,6th Ryan Kendall $50, Bill MacPherson $50

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