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$1900 Jackpot For MacEachern In 10-Ball Break Contest

Cue Sports Nova Scotia's most popular fundraiser is the 10-Ball Break Contest. Tickets are purchased for the chance to break and run a rack of 10-Ball, earning money for each ball made. Half the take in ticket sales are added to the pot at each event. Players earn 10% of the pot for every legal ball they make, without missing or fouling. If a player’s turn ends before they make all 10 balls, or in some cases before they even make any ball, if they break dry, then the pot rolls over to the next event, and the fund builds even higher.

At the end of the 2016-17 CSNS pool season, the CSNS 10-Break Contest pot had over $750 remaining, which was rolled over to this season. There was much excitement and anticipation in the first CSNS events as people tried their luck at winning a shot at the increasing pot, but to no avail, as no one was successful through 3 Ranking events.

However, at Ranking Event # 4 in New Glasgow, the pot had reached $1900. Hugh MacEachern had his ticket drawn for a chance at making $190 a ball. With a solid break, Hugh made the 8-Ball and scattered the balls across the table so that none were touching each other. The instant chatter among the crowd confirmed it looked like a decent chance for a runout.

Everyone gasped at Hugh’s opening shot, as the 1-Ball touched the long rail on the way in, and bobbled across both jaws, before ultimately falling slowly into the pocket. That was all Hugh needed, as he was off to the races after that, shooting confidently and moving his cue ball efficiently from one side of the table to the other.

Midway through the runout MacEachern got on the wrong side of the 5-Ball into the side pocket. The issue was not in making the 5, but having to go two rails with the cue ball for shape on the 6-ball, which would be partially protected by another ball if shape was too long. Hugh hit the 5 ball a tad hard, but the cue ball came out two rails on the steep angle he created, in a direct line to strike 9-Ball, slowing his cue ball, and removing the obstructing ball so that he had a very makeable 6.

The work was all done now. It was just a matter of keeping his cue ball in line for the final sequence. MacEachern kept his composure, and with the 10-Ball deposited, he let out a mighty roar in a release of tension, knowing his wallet just got a little heavier for the holiday season.

The next 10-Break Contest will start at the Open 8-Ball Provincials in Truro on December 16. The pot will initially be $300 plus half the take from that day’s ticket sales.

Higher resolution of the video can be found here. Thanks to Wek Augustine for the recording.

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