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Basque and MacPherson Pair Up To Win 2019 CCS Maritime 8-Ball Scotch Doubles

2019 marked the first time there was a scotch doubles division at the CCS Maritime 8-Ball Championships. Partners could be female-female, male-male, or mixed. Races were handicapped according to the strength of the teams, according to combined CCS singles rankings. A combination of A&B players raced to 6, a duo of A&C players or two B players raced to 5. And two C ranked partners raced to 4. Teams would need to race to 2 more games on their handicapped in the final.

The inaugural final match-up was an all Cape Breton Nova Scotia affair. Bill MacPherson and Mike Basque (A/B), having taken the winners side path, continued to flex there mite, winning the final 8-4 over Andrew Lafford and Ed Julian (C/C), who had emerged from the one-loss side. PEI duo Kevin McGee and Josh Galer (A/B) took 3rd place. Another Cape Breton team of Landon Paul and Ben Johnson (C/C) placed 4th among the 16 partnerships that competed.


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